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kusukawa ., 10/04/2015 11:50 PM

Annual Diary

This is a simple photo diary app
that makes you can look back the same date of past easily.

<<<< Features >>>>
- You can look back the past diaries of same date(yearly/monthly/weekly) by scroll up continuously.
- A diary can contain any number of texts and images.
(This app display just whole lines of each diaries. So, no useless space and no blind texts.)
- You can configure color, text size, date format, etc.
- You can lock out this app by password.
(In order to avoid appear diaries unexpectedly, this app hide the thumbnail of app history.)
- Photos are copied to diary data. So, the photo does not disappear if you delete the original photo data.
- Diary data are saved as text files and image files on hidden folder [.Annual Diary].
(You can backup the diary data to cloud services automatically by sync apps. e.x.'FolderSync' )

<<<< Operations >>>>
- Insert the text with the pen button.
- Insert the photo with the image button.
- You can also add the text or the photo with long press the date.
- Texts can be re-edited by long press the texts.
- Photos can be remove or rotation with long press the images.
- You can slide to the previous date or the next date with the arrow button and swipe the screen.
- You can return to today by long press the calendar button.
- You can switch the display of the past diary yearly/monthly/weekly By long press the setting button.

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