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h1. Annual Diary

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This is a simple photo diary app
of Android
that makes you can look back the same date today of past easily.

<<<< Features >>>> Some features of this Annual Diary App include.
- You can look back the past diaries diary of same date(yearly/monthly/weekly) today by scroll up continuously.
- A diary You can make new entries or modify to any date.
- It can
contain any number of texts and images. images on a diary.
(This app display just whole lines of each diaries. So, no useless space and no blind texts.) - You can write diaries anywhere anytime by your phone.
- No decoration.
You can configure adjust color, text size, date format, etc. format.
- You can lock out this app by password. Never ending diary.
(In order to avoid appear diaries unexpectedly, this app hide the thumbnail of app history.)
- Photos are copied to diary data. So, the photo does not disappear if you delete the original photo data.
Diary data are saved stored as text files and image files on in hidden folder [.Annual Diary]. folder: ".AnnualDiary".
(You can backup the diary data to cloud services automatically by sync apps. e.x.'FolderSync' )

<<<< Operations >>>>
- Insert the text with the pen button.
- Insert the photo with the image button.
- You can also add the text or the photo with long press the date.
- Texts can be re-edited by long press the texts.
- Photos can be remove or rotation with long press the images.
- You can slide to the previous date or the next date with the arrow button and swipe the screen.
- You can return to today by long press the calendar button.
- You can switch the display of the past diary yearly/monthly/weekly By long press the setting button.
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